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Move In/ Move Out Cleaning Services​

Germrip Move in/ Move Out Cleaning Services offer full-service cleanings for your commercial facility. We have seen some nasty situations in this line of work, but it is never too much to handle for our team! Make the stress of moving a big sigh of relief with Germrip Commercial Cleaning.

OKC's Finest Move In/ Move Out Cleaning Service

Germrip’s mission is to serve our customers. If you have an issue with our services we will do everything we can to make it right and fair with our customers. We have a perfect score on our google reviews because of the hard work and care we show our clients.

Make Ready Services for Property Managers

Are you ready to give your new tenants an exciting fresh space? Are you tired of having your maintenance staff fix issues the cleaning company missed? We can fix all of those problems and even help alleviate your maintenance staff by completing work orders or getting the unit painted or any other make-ready task needed. 

What is make ready cleaning?

Make-ready cleaning is the final touch of cleaning before the new tenant arrives. Make ready is usually contracted out to ensure a job well done. This type of cleaning is very detailed and takes extreme focus. 


How much time for a make ready?

Make ready cleaning can vary on time and scope of work. Some tenants leave little work for the contractor while others leave hours of cleaning for our workers to handle.

What’s so great about this service?

This is service is deep detailed cleaning. We clean inside, outside, and around appliances. We dust light fixtures, clean window sills, and of course deep clean the areas that probably have not been touched for months or years.