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The Best Odor Removal Services.

Germrip Odor Removal Services is a licensed service provider in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Odor control is a large part of our business, and we offer a wide variety of choices for customers to choose from. Germrip offers odor removal services for general commercial cleaning issues, including office cleaning and carpet cleaning. We can also help you remove any nasty odor in your home or rental property. It does not take much to imagine that your life would be better if you could eliminate the horrid smells coming from your facility. Our clients are enlightened to a fresher space that is easier to resell and more comfortable for their employees, customers, or family.

You Can Trust Germrip Odor Control.

However, some homeowners are concerned about hiring a professional company to perform odor removal services for them. They worry that the job will be too extensive and too expensive. The fact is most professional companies will clean but not deodorize. Consequently, customers are suffering from bad odors across OKC. If you decide to eliminate bad odors yourself, then you can save money while still making the air in your home or business cleaner. Visit this link to purchase the equipment yourself.

We Use Safe Organic Deodorizing Products Approved by the EPA.

A familiar smell that many people have trouble eliminating is smoke. This can be especially challenging because many people attempt to remove smoke odors by burning incense or even hiring carpet cleaners. Although both methods can work effectively, another technique that can be used is not as costly and does not require the replacement of carpeting or expensive smoke cleaners. Odor removal remedies that recommend baking soda will eliminate some smells for a lot less money; however, the effectiveness is far less than our commercial cleaning products. Odor control can also be difficult when dealing with water-based products such as paint, glues, and hydrochloric acids. These chemicals can also leave behind a yellow tinge or strong smells after they dry. Furthermore, it is important that you use odor removal services that use products designed to reduce or eliminate strong chemicals. This way, you are not fighting harsh smells with harsh substances. That is why we use BioVex. Biovex is pure ClO2 or Chlorine Dioxide. It degrades into microscopic table salt, attacks odor-causing bacteria from the core, and lastly, it does not harm any surface type.

Smoke Odors, Pet Odors, Trash Odors, and More!

BioVex will eliminate smoke, skunk, pet odors, or any other foul smell. These sources will be left dormant and will no longer have an odor-producing effect. Mold and mildew odor removal services that use steam fomentation will eliminate these types of smells from your home or office. The odor produced by mold and mildew is a gas form and will have a strong odor that only odor removal professionals can eliminate. These odors can be pretty stubborn and may require several methods to remove these smells from your facility entirely. Gas treatments are the best way to go for this type of odor removal as it is the easiest to use and the most effective. It will also leave your home smelling fresh and clean. You can do this yourself using a fish bubbler and our chlorine dioxide solution. If you prefer, you can hire our professional odor removal services to complete this process for you.