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Restaurant Cleaning Services

Are you facing a challenge to meet health inspection guidelines? Or are you struggling to keep up with the ever-increasing standards of the health inspectors? Call us today. 405-259-3023

Restaurant Cleanings Make an Environment Worth Dining In

Give your restaurant the best first impression you could ever imagine. You cook the food; we make your dining environment a dream to eat. Nothing attracts customers to restaurants more than cleanliness, and that’s our specialty. We are behind the scenes for your 5 star reviews.

Regular Restaurant Cleanings Help Meet Health Inspection Guidelines.

We have been in this industry long enough to know the implications our services have on restaurants, keeping their customers, and getting their license as well. Our services take into consideration your deepest needs while we make sure you never get into trouble for health or cleaning issues. We know what is required of top restaurants, and we have all it takes to help your restaurant meet health standards.

We Work While You Sleep.

 Looking for a reliable restaurant cleaning service near you that works during off-hours? Don’t look any further! We put you first in our endeavors, building our service structure around your schedule.

We Give Restaurants a Reset.

It is not in our nature to leave your restaurant looking unarranged. We don’t just clean up your place of business, we reset it so that you can resume business right away. With us, you never have to worry about a messy kitchen or dining area.


At Germrip Restaurant Cleaning Services in OKC, we take special care when cleaning your kitchen. Experience has taught us how to clean, dust, and mop restaurant kitchens without leaving any problems with your food prep areas. We sanitize all countertops and kitchen sinks, to ensure your kitchen is as germ-free as possible. Our restaurant cleaning services are also structured to make you pass all the various health standard exams and impress the health inspectors. Let us take out the trash, remove grease from your exhaust fans, deep clean your appliances, and floors- it’s what we do best!

Dining areas

Your dining areas and lobby deliver the first impression of your restaurant. We are interested in making it a good one. From the windows and tables to the cash register and kitchen, we make sure to professionally clean every surface in the dining area. We also dust everything at all corners of your restaurant for a cleaner atmosphere. Your customers will no longer have uncomfortable experiences from the moment we become your commercial cleaning service provider in OKC.


The neatness of your restroom matters as much as any other area in your restaurant. We understand how the condition of restaurant restrooms affects your reputation and the customer’s overall dining experience; we are here to fix that with professional sweeping, mopping, degreasing, and stripping/waxing of the floors. Your customers will never have to complain about you running out of toilet rolls as we make it our mission to restock your bathrooms with toilet paper and paper towels. We are poised to make your bathroom bacteria-free with an apt sink and countertop cleaning with sanitizers and deodorants leaving a fresh smell.